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The Brief History of

We started with Babymaker, a silicone attachment onto a syringe
This device was an immediate success so we made Impregnator, a slight improvement on the design. Many women use a “soft cup” or menstrual cup when doing home insemination so we made a device that incorporates a similar shape into the design to prevent fluid loss during insemination.

We didn’t want to leave any one out so we then made LoveMaker, a device meant to be used between 2 women while they “Make love”
With this device 2 women can now make a baby together without a man, all they need is the special ingredient delivered to them ahead of time.

We then made Cryobaby, a thin long syringe especially for use when cryogenic sperm is delivered by mail. When this happens usually only 1ML of fluid is delivered, and every drop counts! The cost of such a delivery is about 700-1250USD so the Cryobaby is designed in such a way that every drop of fluid will leave the tip and nothing is left behind. Ofcourse the cryobaby can hold more than 10ML of fluid so you can use it with a fresh sample as well if you desire. 

Our fertility supplements for men and women are our latest addition to the lineup, my husband personally takes them every day and swears by them. We emulated and improved upon his favorite formulas for the mens version and used the same strategy for the women’s. The supplements are most popular in our combo kits where you get 1 insemination syringe kit along with 1 bottle of mens or women’s supplements at a discount price when you bundle them together.

Why MakeAMom Works
Performance Tested and Patent pending insemination Syringe kits

MakeAmom® addresses the root cause of receiving a BFN on those tests. This is the only home solution with a patented design that is made to reach your cervix. Our advanced design is not found in any other home insemination devices available.

Medical Grade Silicone for Unsurpassed Comfort

MakeAmom® is proven because it is designed to reach your cervix in a reliable and comfortable way. In our independent study 99% of the participants loved the fit and comfort of our devices.

Something For Everyone

Cryobaby is a thin long syringe with NO sharp edges made of plastic. Best for low volume and frozen sperm. Babymaker is flexible silicone connected with a tube to a syringe. Impregnator is essentially an improvement on babymaker. We removed the tube connection to the syringe to prevent fluid loss and we placed a “soft cup” mid shaft to prevent fluid loss. LoveMaker is a wearable device for 2 women to use in a romantic setting. In addition to our kits we offer fertility supplements for men and women!

It’s Fun, It’s Simple, It’s Safe

MakeAMom is the #1 and only home insemination kit provider providing reliable demonstrably successful products that you know you can rely on.

Backed by our 30 Day Money back Guarantee

Coupled with our 1 Year Quality Replacement Guarantee

No other provider can offer this level of quality backed with this level of service.

No Battery Needed
1 Year Quality Guarantee
Extra Soft
Home insemination kit

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