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The BabyMaker:


  • Easy to understand and Easy to use
  • Most Comfortable and Functional device in its category
  • Made from Medical Grade Silicone: is BPA, DEHP, & latex free, non-toxic, non-pyrogenic
  • Completely ReUsable

How It Works

BabyMaker is a Doctor endorsed ALL-IN-ONE home insemination kit designed for women by women.
BabyMaker is a Simple, Fast, Proven conception aid that will deliver results.

Best home DIY insemination device, compare to the Stork OTC, Mosie Baby, Inseminator, and the Semenette!
Unlike other regular insemination syringes, the Babymaker is made from 100% medical grade silicone. The Stork OTC and Mosie Baby are more expensive and provide you with less opportunities to fertilize your egg because of their disposable nature. The inseminator and semenette are nearly double the cost and in the opinion of our customers, no-where near as effective.
We provide the baby maker to you at the lowest price and highest quality that we can because it is our passion to help women become mothers. We only want enough profit to continue operation. We cannot comment as to the motives of our competitors Stork OTC, Mosie Baby, Inseminator, and the Semenette and other DIY insemination devices and insemination syringes, but you will be elated that you chose the BabyMaker when you see that second line appear.
If you are not entirely convinced, please take a look at our competitors Stork OTC, Mosie Baby, Inseminator, and the Semenette and come back to us if their product doesn’t work for you. We wish you the best on your exciting new journey!