At-Home Artificial Insemination: Turkey Baster Method

What supplies do I need for artificial insemination at home?

What supplies do I need for artificial insemination at home?

You’ll want to make sure that you have all of the following items on hand before attempting any DIY fertility treatment:

-A needle-less syringe or oral medicine syringe

-A collection cup for sperm 

-Optional Saline without additives or preservatives if desired as an extra sperm diluter and carrier

– Tube attached to syringe (optional)

– Germicidal soap (optional)

How can I try AI (artificial insemination) by myself at home?

The Turkey Baster Method is the most common way of artificial insemination to get pregnant via a turkey baster. More often than not you do NOT actually use one, but instead disposable syringes are used for this process which can be purchased at your local grocery store or pharmacy!

Step-by-step instructions

Step-by-step instructions
1. Take a clean or sterile cup or glss, baggy, or condom and have the male (donor) ejaculate into it. Do NOT use just any regular condom because it may contain chemicals that kill sperm, instead purchase a lubricant free condom or special “collection condoms” that is made for this purpose which you can be sure will not contain harmful sperm-killing chemicals.

It’s easier to suck fluid from a solid receptacle rather than a baggy so for this reason we recommend using a cup. If you find yourself dealing with a small amount of fluid, you may add a small amount of sterile water or saline to dilute the semen and then suck into your syringe. Not too much salt tho. 

2. Test your syringe with water before the big day, draw back, test the suction and check for leaks
Ensure you understand how the syringe functions and what pressure is needed to draw back fluid into the syringe.

3. Track your ovulation 
learn all about tracking your ovulation and when you should inseminate here 

Tracking your ovulation is an important part of home insemination that should NOT be overlooked ! 

4. Now that you know when your fertile window is, its time to inseminate ! 
Use your needle-less syringe or medicine syringe to inseminate and send us an email HERE and tell us your new babies name ! We love success stories ! 

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