At-Home Insemination

At-Home Insemination

How to Perform Artificial Insemination in Your Home

Artificial insemination is a great way for couples who want the extra support that comes with going through an at-home process. Dr Bastuba recommends needleless syringes, which are easy and safe! He can also provide information about fertility centers near you – some of which may offer services like these (Mayo Clinic 2019).

The Needleless Syringe Method is an internationally recognized method of insemination that should take place ideally the day before or after luteinizing hormone (LH) surge, but definitely within 2-3 days. You may detect your own LH pattern with an ovulation predictor kit available at any drug store and it will tell you when to expect peak fertility times for both partners involved!



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To collect the male seminal fluid, first remove all air from a syringe by pushing down on its plunger until you clear the the chamber of all air and vacant space. Fill the syringe with seminal fluid while it remains viable. Next point the tip towards yourself and inject the sperm into you. Elevate your hips for 15 – 30 minutes with a pillow under your butt. You can also turn over onto your stomach and back to your back and repeat every few minutes to allow the semen to wash over your cervical opening. 

Supply List
Needleless syringe or oral medicine administration device (4″ long) Needed for any injections that require the use of a needle, such as insulin and chemotherapy medications. A collection cup will be provided if you don’t already own one! Collection bags are also available at medical supply stores like Advanced Urology & Gynecology Supplies located inside Good Neighbor Super Market on 27th Street between 7am – 9pm daily . View our available home insemination kits here.