CRYOBABY: The Affordable, User-Friendly Option for Getting Pregnant

Cryobaby, the first and only syringe designed specifically for at-home intravaginal insemination (IVI), is an accessible option worth considering before, or alongside, more costly invasive clinical options. The MakeAmom Kit includes 1 Cryobaby syringe, a collection cup, and helpful instructions.

The first step is to collect your sperm in a sterile cup. The second step is to load the syringe with your desired amount of sperm. The third and final step is to insert the syringe into the vagina and release the sperm near the cervix.


While there are many at-home IVI kits on the market, what sets CRYOBABY apart is its user-friendly design. The syringe’s wide barrel and smooth round tip make it easy to load, while the plunger’s grip ensures a comfortable, controlled release. This unique design ensures that every precious drop leaves the syringe and NOTHING is wasted!

CRYOBABY is a super affordable option. 

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