SMBC Parenting Journey Begins With MakeAmom!

Ellen is a single mother by choice (SMBC) she will be raising her little baby alone, happy and on her terms thanks to MakeAmom

When Ellen decided she wanted to be a mother, she knew that she didn’t want to go through the process of finding a partner. She was confident and self-sufficient, and wanted to have complete control over her own pregnancy. Luckily, she heard about the Makeamom Cryobaby and decided to give it a try. Within months, she was pregnant and now has an adorable baby boy (Liam) all on her own!

If you’re considering becoming a single mother by choice, Ellen’s story is sure to inspire you. It’s proof that with the right resources and support, anything is possible!

As a single mother by choice (SMBC), Ellen knows that there will be times when it is tough, but she is up for the challenge. She is already planning and preparing for everything her little one will need, and is excited to start this new chapter in her life.


Single mothers by choice are becoming more and more common, as women feel empowered to create their own families in whatever way they see fit. Ellen is proud to be part of this growing group of mothers, and is looking forward to raising her child with all the love and care in the world.


Ellen went on to discover that there is a vast community of supportive and helpful women out there who understand what you’re going through, and are here to help. “You can do this!”, and you will be “amazingly glad that you did” Ellen went on to say.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Makeamom Cryobaby or any of the MakeAmom kits, take a look here or speak to your doctor.
This could be the perfect option for you if you’re looking to become a parent on your own terms. Thank you for reading! 

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